RE2C is a extended version of the Random Effect model 2 (RE2) implemented in METASOFT

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BUHMBOX is a tool to distinguish pleiotropy and clinical heterogeneitiy.

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FOLD is to obtain a set of summary statistics from each study, where each statistic is calculated using a subset of controls that is homogeneous in terms of their information.

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~ 2015



SNP2HLA imputes HLA genes and amino acids from SNP genotype data.

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    * : Equal contribution. 



METASOFT performs meta-analysis with new random effects model and calculates m-values (posterior probability that effects will exist).

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GraphIBD performs quick pairwise testing of associations between sharing of IBD segments and disease status.

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    * : Equal contribution.


SLIDE corrects for multiple testing for millions of markers.

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LDPAC detects outlier association signal due to genotyping errors.

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class material: SNP2HLA example